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Re-linings & Recoveries for Softback Shades

(when a shade’s exterior and interior is fabric)

Timing for Re-linings and Recoveries is 4-6 weeks.

Re-line: Replacing the interior fabric of the shade when it is torn, frayed.

When to consider re-lining a shade versus purchasing a new shade:

  • If your shade has an unusual shape
  • If your shade’s exterior fabric is NOT a neutral color (white, off-white, cream, beige, black)
  • If your shade’s exterior fabric has an unusual texture
  • If your shade is one of a pair and only one shade’s lining is torn



Recovery: Replacing the exterior fabric and interior fabric lining of your shade when it is soiled and/or torn.

When to consider recovering a shade versus purchasing a new shade:

  • If your shade has an unusual shape

There are many fabrics available.



Repairing Hardback Shades

(paper or fabric exterior that is laminated on a vinyl interior)

  • If the top or bottom ring becomes detached from the shade it may be possible to have it re-attached. Would need to bring in to determine.
  • Cracks of the interior cannot be repaired.

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