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Finials: Functional Lamp “Jewelry”

Provides the finishing, decorative touch as well as secures most shades to the lamp.

  • Select from a wide array of simple to more decorative styles, traditional to more contemporary
  • Metal finishes: antique and polished brass, nickel, matt black
  • Clear and colored glass/crystal, colored stones
  • Rainbow of porcelain colors and wood

Fan Pulls: Function with a Flair

Many finials can be paired with a metal chain, which we carry, to create a more attractive fan pull.

Shade Styles & Colors from A-Z!

Distinctive Lamps

Customized Rainbow of Lamp Colors

Shades for the Holidays

Dear Customers,


We have re-opened and look forward to seeing you again. My hours through the Summer are:    Wed, Thurs, Fri 10:30-5 and Sat 10-2. 


Suggest you call for an appointment as I will be helping one person at the time in the front of my shop. Also, if you are looking for a new shade please bring your lamp.


                                                                                         Best, Donna Filkin 




Donna, like her mother, knows everything one needs to know about lamps, what proportion is right for a shade, if a lamp will benefit with the addition of a new finial.

Margot, Roseland


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